Careers in Geography

Geography is so much more than just another subject in which we can sit an exam. It is a lens through which we can view all of the academic subjects. It allows us to place the skills we learn in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, English, languages, philosophy, history and modern studies into a context. It can frame our understanding of these subjects and provides real world situations in which to employ the skills we have learned.  A quick search of any University’s Geography Department course prospectus will lead you to fascinating subjects such as Geo-physics, Geo-Chemistry, Geo-Politics, Ecology, Geology, Geo-information systems, archaeology,  and many more.

Geography is by its nature a subject that leads us to explore and travel but inherent to this is also the desire to question what we find as we go on these adventures. If you accept that we are all products of our environment, then in understanding one’s environment it is possible to better understand oneself.  I have found the subject to be as personally rewarding as it is professionally; it has led me all over the world, to many varied and different cultures, to learn languages and, perhaps most importantly, to read widely.

The following list gives an insight into the various employment sectors that Geography can lead you into:

Click on these links to watch Youtube videos that explain the value of Geography and the potential career paths open to you in this wonderful subject.

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