S1 Homework

Welcome to Geography in Dunfermline High School. Try hard and aim high, we expect great things from you. Your teacher will give you a selection of the following homework options.

Homework 1
scottish mapStudy this map of Britain. Learn the locations of these important place names for a test in class. In your workbook, make a fact file of ten things you would like to go and see in a city of your choice.


Homework 2
europe mapStudy this map of Europe. Learn the locations of: France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Italy and Greece for a test in class. In your workbook plan a holiday by writing down what you would like to do in a paragraph. You must have at least 10 facts about a country of your choice from this list.








Homework 3

<empty>Study this map of the world. Learn the locations of the Continents and the Oceans for a test in class. In your workbook, make a fact file of ten facts about any world country outside of Europe.










Homework 4
graphStudy this climate graph of Britain. Write a paragraph in your workbook that describes the changing levels of temperature and rainfall.







Homework 5
Study this diagram. In your workbook, describe how relief rainfall happens. You may use a diagram to help you.


Homework 6
You have a test! Revise homework 1 to 5 and the notes in your workbooks. You should also pay close attention to the lessons your teacher gives you before the test. Check out www.geographygeeks.com the Department Website for helpful videos and other revision resources.

Homework 7
You have an investigation! Make sure you include plenty of detail and take care over your spelling and presentation. Your teacher will show you where to find plenty of information. Ask to see examples of previously finished projects so you know what the expected standard looks like. www.geographygeeks.com is the Department Website and will always help you to get started. There is lots of information in the form of videos and notes.